A few Castle Arcade photos…

Just wanted to share a few of the Castle Arcade photos I took last week on my first “official” projects shoot.

I only spent about 15-20 minutes in the Arcade and it’s what convinced me absolutely that this would be a fantastic project. If I can spot many, many photo opps in just a few minutes, imagine how many more I’ll be able to come across in the coming weeks and months.

These won’t be new to anyone who follows me on Flickr, but enjoy all the same. If you want to see more from this set, please follow this Flickr link.

I took some new pictures in the High Street Arcade on Friday too, will post those asap!

Please remember to get in touch if you are a shopkeeper/know a shopkeeper and would like me to photograph you and your Arcade store. If you really don’t want to be in the pictures yourself, that’s fine too, I’m happy just taking photos around your shop. Email me on amydavies87@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter, @amydavies


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