Some photos from the High Street Arcade…

So it’s about time I blogged these. With a combination of my slack computer and my slack attitude it’s taken me a little while, but now they are finally here! Enjoy!

Probably my favourite photo from the project so far…. I LOVE these glasses – think they’d make an amazing prop for portraits – might have to buy them…

Lots of the shops have been very inventive with their sale signs this year – I particularly like this one from Looby Loo’s, and also the one from Morgan over in the Morgan Arcade. Plus Looby Loo’s has vintage teacups in the window!

Anyone with half a brain knows that Hobo’s is awesome. I interviewed the lovely owner a few years ago when I was in Uni, hoping to photograph him for the project soon – if it’s the same owner that is… I reckon I could easily spend a whole day just photographing the stuff in Hobo’s…

It makes me pretty sad to see empty shops – especially the bigger stores which I know used to house great shops – if I had the money I’d rent it myself and set up some sort of cake shop/photography exhibition space/random crap shop. It’d be cool.

There’s some more photos from The High Street Arcade over on Flickr if you want to see some more, and obviously I’ll be adding more in time. This morning I have my first portrait shoot – scary! Will report back with photos asap 🙂


2 thoughts on “Some photos from the High Street Arcade…

    • Thanks Nicola,

      This was before I’d done any of the shops, so it’s interesting to see how the project has developed.

      I’ll be out at the weekend to take some window/generic shots. I might do a lengthy post on some of the shop signs/windows – is that a bit dorky….. think I’ll ask the question on Twitter, ha! 🙂

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