Arcades project on Tallulah Elle blog

A big thankyou to the lovely Loren who has written this beautiful piece about my Arcades project on her blog, Tallulah Elle.

I met Loren this week at Cardiff Bloggers and we got chatting about all manner of things, but it was nice to read her thoughts on the project photos – I hope she continues to like them long into the project…

If anybody else wants to include some of my photos on their blog page, I’d love to hear from you so please do get in contact!


2 thoughts on “Arcades project on Tallulah Elle blog

  1. Thanks Amy!

    You’ve been soooo busy. The portrait shots of the students from the art exhibition are awesome. I especially love the one of Lauren laughing. The art’s pretty amazing too, need to get down there and have a look in real life!

    • Thankyou Loren, so glad you liked them!

      It was a lot of fun shooting these, I think because of the quickness and the great personalities of everyone involved.

      You should definitely get down there if you can, I’m so jealous of people with this kind of talent!

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