Cardiff Arcades Facebook page

I’ve set up a Cardiff Arcades Project Facebook page. Hopefully this will allow shop-owners, and interested parties, quick and easy access to the latest information from the project – letting them know when something new has been posted.

It would be really helpful if you could “like” the page – as the more people join the more likely it is that somebody will know a shopkeeper and the word will spread! Don’t worry I’ll try to keep the Facebook ‘spam’ to a minimum and post a maximum of 3-4 posts a day (only if something exciting is happening that day!)



2 thoughts on “Cardiff Arcades Facebook page

  1. Hi there,
    Read about your project on Loren’s, so thought I would check it out!
    Really well done with this, they need as much promoting as poss. I wrote an article for ITV Wales about this and posted one on my own blog as part of an online project, as the arcades are so beautiful and unique but increasingly becoming desolate and empty- so sad!
    Anyway, keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for your post – it’s been such a nice reception from people 🙂

    Can I take a look at your ITV post and your blogposts – I love reading stuff about the arcades, and I’m always interested to see what other people have written in the past.

    Amy 🙂

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