Castle Arcade during the Six Nations

Well, as anybody who’s been in the city centre on match day knows, it’s pretty manic. I swung ever so quickly around the Castle Arcade to see what happens in there on match day – especially when it’s an evening match like tonight.

Most of the cafes were open for business, and I’m pleased to report, the majority were pretty busy – although nothing in comparison to the huge numbers of people queueing up to get in some of the other pubs and bars around here. It was great for me to see the arcades buzzing a little bit, especially when they’re usually closed at this time of night!

I’m looking forward to the next match as that will be in the daytime, so it’ll be interesting to see how the other shops deal with the crowds!

For now, enjoy these two shots of cafe business – I’m pretty scared of snapping people in the street, so didn’t really take many more, still it’s a start! In the background of the first shot you can see a chap draped in an England flag, while in the second shot you can just about make out a Wales scarf adorning the neck of a passer by. I like the red glow of the first picture – very patriotic!


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