Today I’m shooting…

I’m very excited to be going along to the Morgan Arcade later today to see the students putting on the Eccentricities and Oddities show in one of the empty shops.

I was contacted by Lucy from the Cardiff School of Art & Design who wanted to know if I was interested in shooting their 2nd year Illustratation show, and how could I resist?

I think it’s amazing that the empty shops are being used in this way, and I can’t wait to meet them all! Lucy says that about 8 or 9 people should be there, so lots of opportunities for shooting portraits, and it’ll be interesting to shoot the students with their artworks.

I will probably also do some general shooting around the arcades, scouting out my next target on the hitlist – it’s been fun this week compiling my list of “must-shoots” – although I want to shoot pretty much every shop in the arcade, there are a few that I just can’t not shoot…

Hopefully I’ll be able to post back tonight with some great pictures…. wish me luck.


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