Super-cool, super-wide angle shots from the Morgan Arcade

Today I managed to get my hands on a 10-20mm wide angle lens, which I’ve got on loan for a couple of weeks. I simply couldn’t wait to try it out, so I popped to the Royal and Morgan Arcades after work (the High Street and Castle Arcades put their shutters down by the time I get home) and took a few of these – the shots I like best are all from Morgan, hence the title of this post.

I love, love, love the architecture of the arcades, and boy does the 10mm show it off well. I love the arcades at night too, but I can’t wait to shoot in the broad sunlight as well as the gorgeous skylights let in some beautiful light if you catch the time right (and it means I won’t have to ramp the ISO up quite so high – some of these shots are in the lofty heights of 2000…)

One of these days a miracle will happen and I’ll manage to drag myself out of bed for an early morning shoot… we’ll see…

Anyway, back to the important business – hope you like the pictures – feel free to leave any feedback in the comments!

If you like these don’t forget to check out more wide-angle goodness from the following arcades:
Castle Arcade wide-angle photos
High Street Arcade wide-angle photos


13 thoughts on “Super-cool, super-wide angle shots from the Morgan Arcade

  1. All the times I’ve walked thru these arcades I’ve never looked up. I certainly will from now. Fantastic photos.

    • Well I’m glad to have highlighted them to you – the ceiling in pretty much all of the arcades is worth a look, but I particularly love the area around Spillers in the Morgan Arcade, and the view from the balcony in the Castle Arcade – worth taking a trip up the stars to have a look around if possible 🙂

  2. Rather than put the ISO up, use a tripod and remote release. You’ll be able to expose for longer. If there are people about you may even get some ghostly shapes in the shot…

    • Hi Gavin,

      I know what to do – I just feel a bit of a loon setting up a tripod in the arcades – I know I should get over that. Plus, I took these on the way home from work, carrying the DSLR is enough of a pain without adding a tripod to that list 😀 Maybe another time though…

      I’ll probably take my Gorillapod along soon and so some shots from the floor though – should be good from the wide angle perspective 🙂

      • I know exactly what you mean. I keep my DSLR with me, but the tripod is rather cumbersome and does draw some strange looks. The Gorillapod will do the job though.

        Your project is working though – it has certainly made me think about the arcades in a new way. Embarassingly I’ve never thought to look above the shop fronts – the architecture is quite stunning. May have to take a walk through one of the arcades on the way to the train.

      • It makes me so pleased to hear you say that Gavin! If the project has that effect on a few more people it’ll be a great thing 🙂 I know what you mean though, it’s easy to miss things if you’re just walking through. Obviously, over the past couple of weeks I’ve spent a lot of time there and found little nooks and crannies which might otherwise be easy to miss. Recommend just spending a couple of hours walking slowly through – even if it does mean spoiling my pictures 😛

    • Thankyou Stephen, these photos in particular have certainly proved popular – will be taking some more very soon! Amy

    • Thankyou Jen, very kind of you to say! I took some more yesterday in the daylight, as well as some in the Castle Arcade and High Street Arcade. The Castle Arcade pics are up on the blog now and I’ll be putting the others up as soon as I can 🙂

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