Castle Arcade gets the Wide-Angle treatment

The Castle Arcade is probably my favourite arcade. I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but this one is pretty special. It has beautiful architecture which you can explore because it has a BALCONY! Yes you can walk around the top level in here because there are businesses with offices up here, along with some more specialist shops that you wouldn’t just randomly walk into (Cardiff Violins for instance).

I love coming up here for a wander around, taking a gander at the passers by walking below me and generally checking out the gorgeous surroundings. Naturally the 10-20mm lens I’ve borrowed is perfect for shooting it in all its glory, so I just had to do it today. I visited twice, once this morning and once this evening so I’ve got both light and dark images – I’m really hoping the sun comes out soon and we have a blue sky – can you imagine what the skylights must look like then? Incredible I’d wager… until that day finally arrives (please, weather man, soon), enjoy these shots, please do let me know what you think in the comments box.

P.S. Check out the small figures in the final picture – gives you a real sense of scale 🙂


15 thoughts on “Castle Arcade gets the Wide-Angle treatment

  1. You have really opened my eyes to another dimension of Cardiff I’ve never really noticed before. Great photos.

    • I’m so glad Shaun – the Castle Arcade is great because you feel like you’re walking around in the architecture, and because it’s so quiet up there, you also feel a little bit naughty while you’re up there – definitely recommend it. Pics coming up soon from the High Street Arcade too 🙂

  2. *Sigh* We would absolutely love a shop in this arcade – Shame we can’t get together & share one with another funky little business. Great photos, make it look even more outstanding! It’s a shame the Arcades are still a bit of a ‘hidden jewel’, we’re incredibly lucky to have them…

    • They are great aren’t they? I’m happy to report though that the Royal and Morgan Arcades, at least, have been pretty busy as of late.

      I *think*, at the moment at least, all the shops in the Castle Arcades are full 🙂 Hooray – you might be able to get together with someone in one of other arcades though?

      Glad you like the pics though – shooting with the wide angle lens has been a lot of fun, look out some more photos soon from the High Street Arcade.

  3. Some wonderful pictures Amy. I was wondering which camera you use and which 10-22mm lens you have borrowed? I’m a Canon 500D user and have been considering investing in a 10-22mm (Sigma or Canon) but wasn’t sure what sort of scope it would give. These shots have set my imagination going. Now where to find the cash to get me a lens?! Keep up the good work!

    • Thankyou, really glad you like them – there’s some news one on the blog right now 🙂

      I use a Canon EOS 60D and for these pictures I’ve borrowed a Sigma 10-20mm f4.0. I’ve not tried the Canon version, but this one has produced some very pleasing results, so I’m going to very, very tempted to take the plunge and buy one, it is undoubtedly useful for this project as the architecture is just so stunning.

      The 10-20 lens is a cracking investment if you’re not thinking of going full-frame for a while – I certainly won’t be able to afford that for a LONG time!



  4. I dare not visit Castle Arcade top often because I know I won’t be able to resist Folk Farm’s selection of vinyl – they had the Harry Smith Anthology last time I was there.

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