Nothing to Declare: MA Art Practice, University of Glamorgan show, 22-24 Morgan Arcade

Christine Marfleet, with her piece exploring the fragmented manufacture of a coat in a closed-down factory in the Valleys

A couple of weeks ago I had the fortune of photographing UWIC students who were putting on a degree show in an empty shop in the Morgan Arcade.

As part of a guided tour I was giving to a visiting friend (people be warned, if you visit me I will no doubt enforce a walking tour of the arcades on you) I noticed that a new show had started this week!

I can’t emphasise enough how important I think it is for the empty shops to be used for something, and art exhibitions are a particularly brilliant way to make use of them.

We wandered into the shop and I got chatting to one of the artists exhibiting, Christine Marfleet, who very kindly took some time out to explain more about her piece and the others on show and encouraged me to take photos. A photoshoot like this is always a lot of fun as just 5 minutes before I didn’t know I’d be doing one!

Her piece, one of the most striking in the show, thanks to its size, tells the story of coat manufacture in a recently closed factory in Pontypridd. Each of the pieces represents the different person that was required to make it, with nobody ever having the knowledge to make an entire coat.

This exhibition is over 3 floors, with both the basement and the upper level of the shop available for exploration. The show feels particularly suited to an empty shop as its aim is to critique aspects of consumer culture.

Chris was extremely excited about the space and is hoping to use the space again in the future for more shows, and further, would love to be the curator of it should it be a permanent exhibition space – something that would surely be a very welcome addition to the arcades, adding “exhibition venue” to fantastic architectural interest, independent niche shops, boutiques and fantastic coffee house would be, to my mind, another great tick in the box.

You can read more about the show on the University of Glamorgan website. Nothing to Declare runs until Saturday 26th February 2011, and is open between 10 o’clock and 5 o’clock. A few more photos of the exhibition can be found in the Nothing to Declare set on Flickr.

More pictures can be seen from the exhibition in the Nothing to Declare Flickr set, as usual, any feedback very gratefully received in the comments box.

Graham Wilkins - Side Effect (if you visit the show, look out for a bag with your first name on it, if you find one, take it!) I'll be popping back later in the week to see how many are left!

Graham Wilkins - Side Effect (click to see bigger)

Graham Wilkins - Side Effect (click to see bigger) Unfortunately my bag had nothing in it... maybe somebody had already taken the drug... maybe there never was one...

Wendy Batey - Triptych

Laura Sealey - 99 Strangers and I - Laura asked 99 strangers to send her their cigarette butts and asking for each to have a story behind it. It's amazing how the piece can look so beautiful, considering its content - certainly a head-scratcher.

Another of Laura Sealey's pieces hanging in the window (click to view larger)

Matthew Britton, Tiff Oben, Sebastian du Mont - In the Loop (this piece takes up one of the rooms in the basement - you might need to ask to be taken down to see it)

Matthew Britton, Tiff Oben, Sebastian du Mont - In the Loop

Matthew Britton, Tiff Oben, Sebastian du Mont - In the Loop


5 thoughts on “Nothing to Declare: MA Art Practice, University of Glamorgan show, 22-24 Morgan Arcade

    • Thanks Christine,

      Glad you liked it! I’ll try and pop in again to see others from the show this week if I get a chance 🙂 Any of them want to contact me to let me know when they might be in if they want a portrait taken – feel free!

  1. Hi Amy, Thanks for your interest in the show and the great posting. Reaction to the drug piece has been very interesting and I’m sorry if your bag was empty. Some people seemed to return them after removing the contents. I will leave a new one for you at the gallery tomorrow!!!



    • Hi Graham,

      So nice to have input from the artists on this and glad you liked the post!

      That’s cool that you’ll be putting out another “Amy”, although I’ll be at work until Tuesday so make sure nobody nabs it by Wednesday 😛

      If you are around on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday let me know and I can come and get a portrait of you with your piece if you like 🙂



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