New lens excitement!

I’m very happy to report that a new lens has arrived today. It’s not really that exciting an announcement because I’ve had the exact same one on loan for a couple of weeks now, but the big difference is, this one is mine, and I don’t have to give it back!

The lens is question is the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6, a super-wide, super-cool lens that allowed me take photos such as this, this and this. Not only is it fantastic at shooting the beautiful architecture of the arcades but it’s also great at showing context in portraits – something that is obviously a huge bonus in a project like this. I had toyed with the idea of getting a 35mm prime lens, but felt that while the extra width would be good, it would just be that little bit too similar to my beloved 50mm f/1.4.

Not saying that I won’t get the 35mm as well at some point, but for now, the 10-20mm will be coming with me on pretty much every shoot for those awesomely cool perspective shots – look out for more soon, this week I’ve got Spillers, Catapult, Price’s Sweet Shop and Jonathan David Jewellery all lined up!


7 thoughts on “New lens excitement!

  1. I thought you wouldn’t be able to resist. I’m so jealous. The only wide angle available for my camera is about £2,000 – which needless to say I don’t have.

    • Yes it’s fatal borrowing lenses, I almost always want to keep them.

      I borrowed a 35mm and I wanted to keep that, but I’ve managed to resist for a while – but will probably get one later in the year.

      What camera do you have that requires such prices??

      • The camera itself isn’t that expensive – it’s an Olympus E520. Trouble is it’s the four-thirds lens system and there aren’t many about just yet. The micro four-thirds (for the Olympus PEN) seem to be cheaper. I’ve got my eye on a macro though, which is more in my budget. 🙂

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