Arcades Birthday – taking the project too far?

So today is my birthday – hooray for me.

To celebrate I’ve decided to have an arcades birthday, not only because I think it’ll be great fun… but also because I’ll be able to blog about it…. taking the project too far? You decide…

So what’s in the itinerary?

First up… breakfast at Garlands Eatery. Then shopping, various places including Looby Loo’s, Hobo’s, Rules of Play, Spillers and more (I visited Jonathan David Jewellers yesterday because it’s closed on Sundays). Then it’ll be lunch… haven’t fully decided this yet, it’ll either be New York Deli or The Plan. A bit more shopping, Buzz Shoes, Vintage Affair, Bejewelled, Rossiter’s and Wally’s… before finishing off with a bit of afternoon tea and a cupcake in Madame Fromage…

I’ll be taking pics along the way naturally… so watch this space! Oh and here’s to another great year…. wonder where this project will be this time next year!


One thought on “Arcades Birthday – taking the project too far?

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