Arcade Bargains: February 2011

I thought I’d do a very quick post to share a few of the bargains I picked up yesterday on my arcades birthday.

Now that I’ve done it though I’m wondering if this would be good as a regular feature? Obviously I won’t always have the cash to buy all of the bargains I find, but a post every couple of weeks or so with a round-up of some great finds might be a welcome addition for Cardiff shoppers out there – let me know what you think!

Doing this project has certainly made me stop and think twice about visiting a high street chain for something, as Ben from Hobo’s pointed out when I interviewed him – in his shop you can pick up a whole outfit for £35. Even though we’re in a recession, we’re never going to stop shopping, but if we can think of ways to still treat ourselves while saving a few quid (and helping out independents!) then all the better.

There are obviously some expensive things in the arcades, but these bargains that I picked up show you that you can get something for a few pounds that not only are you likely to pay more for elsewhere, but they are also more likely to be a bit special.

Enjoy the pictures and any feedback welcome!

Thick shiny black belt from Hobo's Vintage, High Street Arcade: £5

Retro sunglasses from Hobo's Vinage: High Street Arcade: £10

Flower ring from Bejewelled, High Street Arcade: £5

Bracelet from Bejewelled, High Street Arcade: £7.50

Teaset, including teapot, cup and saucer, sugar bowl and milk jug from A Vintage Affair, Morgan Arcade: £8

Silver evening bag from A Vintage Affair: £6

Butterfly ring from Rossiter's, Royal Arcade: £4.75


8 thoughts on “Arcade Bargains: February 2011

  1. FAB love it!, loving your features on The arcades. Next day off work I am treating myself to a day exploring them!

    • Thankyou so much 🙂

      I think you will find lots of treats – no matter what your budget… =)

      And of course don’t forget to stop off for lunch in one of the many fantastic places!

  2. Awesome idea – you can get people to do guest posts, or get people to send in their pictures of arcade buys? I think it will be a cool section of the site since encouraging shopping in the arcade is tantamount to keeping the arcades going!

    • Thanks Loren – that’s a good idea to get people to send in their ideas – I work during the week so keeping on top of all these gorgeous beauties would be tricky for just me alone!

      And yes, good point about encouraging shopping – do you know that specific point hadn’t crossed my mind – d’oh. Now it’s a definite yes! 😀

    • They have loads of tea-cups, tea-pots and various other things matching that description. Some are in sets, some are singular, but they’re not all that cheap.

      The one I bought has a chipped handle, but I don’t really care because I’m not a collector (and I quite like the damaged look actually!)

      I was eyeing up a bigger set of 60s crockery that was about £30. My problem is, most of the time I’d rather just have a teacup, not a whole set!

      Looby Loo’s also sell teacups and cake-stands, although not quite so many. Hobo’s has a select couple of more modern-inspired 70s stuff.

      Hang on a minute…. this could be another post entirely *lightbulb* —- add it to the ideas list!

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