Fair Trade Fortnight Cymru at the Morgan Arcade

In what is fast becoming my favourite Arcade shop (because every week of the project something different has been housed there!), 22 Morgan Arcade, is currently playing host to another temporary gathering – this time for Fairtrade Fortnight Cymru.

I popped in very briefly at lunchtime to take a few photos and take a look around at what they’d done with the space since the Nothing to Declare show ended last week.

Inside I got chatting to Steve, who was very excited about me taking photos (he used to chair the Cardiff University Photography Society – so it’s only natural) and told me about some of the events that are coming up over the next couple of weeks.

Martha Musonza Holman

They were still putting the finishing touches to the displays while I was there, but I think it should be all finished by now, so I’d highly recommend you pop in if you can over the next couple of weeks. There will be things going on every day, free samples and stuff available to buy starting at very low prices. Adorning the walls you’ll find several paintings with fair trade slogans (in Welsh and English), information about the campaign and other displays for you to enjoy. There’s also a kids painting table area (although I must confess secretly I’d love to sit at one of those myself) for everyone to join in with.

Also in the shop was Martha who was selling fairtrade goods from Zimbabwe. She also gives talks to local schools about fair trade, so is a good one to speak to if you want to know more about the topic.

Wales is the world’s first fair trade nation, an honour bestowed on the people of Wales by an independent panel so we should be very proud to have such a pop-up appear right in the midst of town – if you want to find out more you can visit the Fair Trade Wales website, and to find out more about what’s happening over the next couple of weeks, visit the Fair Trade Fornight Cymru website.

I’ll be popping along as often as I can to see some more Fairtrade goings-on action, including next Tuesday (pancake day) when The Ethical Chef will be popping along to make pancakes. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the pictures – as always, feedback very well received! And again, as usual, you will find more pictures in the Fair Trade Fortnight Flickr set.


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