10 minutes with The Ethical Chef

Oh the things I do for you, fair reader, in the name of good blogging.

Today is pancake day, officially the best day of the year, and in celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight, The Ethical Chef was cooking pancakes in the Morgan Arcade.

Sounds amazing yeah? Well, I missed it all. One thing led to another and I only managed to wing it across after 5pm where he was packing everything up.

Bummer I thought and was about to head off. Then I thought, what the heck, I’ll go in and have a chat anyway. He said, yeah sure, can you carry this box and we’ll chat as we walk.

No problem, I thought, and off we went for a quick chat and for my arms to get probably the best workout the poor things have ever seen. I’ll be paying for this tomorrow, but I got to spend a few minutes having a good old chat about all things Ethical Chef, Fairtrade Fortnight, Pancakes… and a bit of healthy camera rivalry to add in to the mix.

Deri (I should probably call him by his real name, he’s not a chef robot) told me that the day had been quite busy and the pancakes had been a good way to draw people in and get them chatting about Fairtrade in general. He says he’s tossed over 100 pancakes today and there’d been quite a lot of schoolgroups in who all seemed enthusiastic and had to learn about the different Fairtrade products you can buy.

Fancy pancakes weren’t on the menu (well who needs those), so lemon and sugar were the order of the day. It’s quite difficult to make a completely Fair Trade pancake (wheat is grown in Britain for example), the sugar is fair trade, but the rest of the ingredients were organic, which in itself is a fairly traded industry.

After going off on a million more tangents (food, journalism, cameras, photography, work, etc etc), my brief time with Deri came to an end, and thankfully my arms could finally have a rest. The Ethical Chef is off to a pancake party today, which, under normal circumstances would probably be a heavenly idea, but after a spending a whole day with pancakes I think it was safe to say that Deri was probably starting to feel a tad sickly. Never mind eh?

Fairtrade Fortnight continues in the Morgan Arcade until this Sunday, and there will be free events happening every day, so make sure you pop along for some fair trade fun! The Ethical Chef was established in 2010 by Deri Reed, a vegetarian chef living in Cardiff. You can find out more about him on the Ethical Chef website – if you’re making pancakes tonight, try these Banana Pancakes which are Gluten Free and Vegan.


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