Share your views on the future of Cardiff’s Arcades

The heritage lottery fund wants to hear from the good people of Cardiff on what they would like to see lottery money invested in from 2013. During the past 13 years, the fund has spent money on more than 130 projects in Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys.

Members of the public can express their opinions until the 26th April 2011 at the Heritage Lottery Fund website.

So far projects like the Museum of Welsh Cricket in Sophia Gardens have benefited, but perhaps we could help the arcades by expressing how much we love them. They are all Grade II listed buildings so they will be around for a while yet, but that doesn’t mean that funding couldn’t help and I’m sure would be appreciated.

Join me in telling the Heritage Lottery Fund what you love about the arcades and help keep them a part of Cardiff’s future, as well as its past.


4 thoughts on “Share your views on the future of Cardiff’s Arcades

  1. These arcades are, along with other places such as the castle, a massive part of Cardiff’s character. They are home to the vast majority of the city centre’s independent retailers, one being the world famous Spillers Records.
    Seeing money invested on these arcades would help preserve and improve part of Cardiff’s living legacy. Cardiff needs these arcades to keep alive what sets the city apart from others and encourage independent retail right next to the biggest retail establishment in the town centre.

    • Thankyou Huw for your comments, I couldn’t agree more. Some people have pointed out that they are owned by private landlords, and the onus should be on them to secure funding. Well maybe that’s true, but the people who live and breathe the arcades aren’t big businesses so anything we can do to help I think is worthy! Amy

  2. I love these living and breathing Victorian relics. Other cities have made good cases for funding and preserving these mecca-like tunnels and labyrinths that house my kinds of shops; independent and local retailers sellling antiquarian books, vintage clothing, modern clothing, shoes and sandals, cameras, stationary, make-up and body scrubs. Not mention Trevor from the Plan cafe in Morgan Arcade, he’s the 4th best barista in the UK don’t you know!

    And where do they sell all of these beautiful things? Right opposite the latest modern shopping development housing pretty much the same range of shops as Bristol’s Cabot Circus and other identikit monoliths also dedicated to the noble art of retail.

    But does the money spent in St David’s 2 stay in Cardiff and South Wales? Some does in the form of wages to the staff but mostly it goes to shareholders and the City. Money spent in the Arcades will stay in the area, properly helping the local economy and providing employment and specialised niche long-tail retail experiences that can only enrich the City of Cardiff.

    Cardiff is pretty damn cool already. We need to preserve what sets us apart from other cities and promote what we’ve got!

    • Hi Edwin,

      Thanks so much for your comments – you’ve summed up exactly what I love about the arcades right there. I’d be interested to read more about other cities making cases – do you have any specific examples that you can think of?

      And you’re right, Cardiff is pretty damn cool! 😀


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