Spillers Saturday Sessions No. 1: Goldie Lookin’ Chain

I don’t need many words to introduce this piece. Quite simply, for the first gig in a 12-week long stretch of Saturday sessions hosted by the wonderful Spillers Records, Goldie Lookin’ Chain performed a small set at the Big Little City exhibition at The Cardiff Story.

Safe to say, it was an intimate gig, but the exhibition was packed, and in their own words, it was a bit of a Health and Safety nightmare with cables everywhere and ‘Keith’ on the decks not really knowing what he was doing.

But hey ho, that’s just how they roll.

Enjoy the pictures, and remember, guns don’t kill people – rappers do.

Next week: Huw M


9 thoughts on “Spillers Saturday Sessions No. 1: Goldie Lookin’ Chain

  1. Great stuff : such a lovely gallery space! Thanks for making it with your camera Amy … esp with your stint at Catapult too – – – should the arcade shops stop doing fun things so you can have a rest?!

    • Hmmm…. tempting! Haha!

      Seriously, this was no trouble, all good fun – don’t have much experience photographing live stuff so great to do some more =)

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  3. Shit, Rhys got fat.
    In other comment, the tones of this room make for good shots – love the clean feeling it gives.

    • Thanks Nathan, it is good, bit of a pain trying to get the exposure right though with all that white and the bright sun coming through the windows… good challenge though and great for me to practice, have little to no experience of this shooting this kind of experience, looking forward to seeing more of the acts.

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