In-store DJ session at Catapult: Bonobo

Here’s another post that doesn’t need too much of an introduction.

Yesterday was another fantastic in-store session hosted by Catapult, this time with Bonobo who had played in the Millennium Music Hall on Friday night.

The in-store days are a great opportunity to hear free music in a great intimate gig, get up close and personal with the act playing (I’m sure he can’t have been too fond of my lens intrusion) and for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to make it to gigs to hear their favourite music.

I had a great time, but I didn’t get to stick around afterwards as I had to run off to photograph Goldie Lookin’ Chain for the first Spillers Saturday Session – a fantastic day for free music in our city!

Enjoy the photos, let me know what you think in the comments box below.


5 thoughts on “In-store DJ session at Catapult: Bonobo

  1. Sorry if I was getting in the way of any of your shots! I was slightly gutted when he refused to give me one of the tune ID’s, in fact, I cried inside – even after I helped him plug in his serato cables 😥

    • Ah no, nobody was getting in the way as I was at the front… 🙂 I didn’t spot you, you should have said hey! Mind you, I was feeling a bit ill, even Simon asked me if I was alright about 4 times, haha!

      That’s a bit mean, why wouldn’t he give it to you then?

      • What if I said I was even more at the front AKA standing right next to you the whole time! Yeah, I didn’t think you looked ill but instead rather tired. I would have also have said hi but to tell you the truth, I had forgotten your name (which I thought was embarrassing) so I kept quiet.

        Yeah, I don’t know why – it was probably a secret or he just wasn’t allowed as he simply said “I can’t tell you”. Hmm!

  2. Wow blue eyes and blue vinyl – Bonobo had got it going on – or is it your new lense Amy?
    Great instore and turnout – thanks for coming and taking such great photos.
    Cardiff is on the up – its official you can go out clubbing in the day for free 🙂

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