Spillers Saturday Sessions No. 4: Soft Hearted Scientists

Today saw the 4th in the summer’s line-up of free music performances hosted by Spillers Records as part of the Saturday Sessions at the Big Little City exhibition in the centre of Cardiff.

This week, Soft Hearted Scientists took to the stage, playing a mixture of existing material and new songs from their forthcoming album due out in August (head to Spillers to get your hands on a copy naturally!).

So without further ado, I’ll let you enjoy a few of the photos I took – I must admit I didn’t take that many as I was too busy enjoying the music this week 🙂


6 thoughts on “Spillers Saturday Sessions No. 4: Soft Hearted Scientists

    • Thanks Owen, they were pretty good – the set was quite short though. I think they’re playing more gigs soon though, so keep an eye out.

    • Thanks Ashli, it was great, aside from the photography aspect I’m really enjoying hearing wonderful music from all these local bands, it’s really opened my eyes (ears?) up to some great new stuff that I might not have been fortunate enough to come across before so thanks so much for organising these – looking forward to next week already 🙂


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