Seren Boutique – fabulous clothes and a hidden gem upstairs…

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours in the lovely Seren Boutique over in the Morgan Arcade.

A beautiful shop run by Linda, the business originally started over in Tenby but was brought over to Cardiff a few years ago as the trade in Tenby was a little bit too seasonal. Before starting her clothing shop, Linda had been a myriad of things including teacher – something she shares in common with fellow clothes-shop owner Frederique from Rouge, who just so happened to be in the shop having a chat when I popped in – it’s a real sense of community round here.

The clothes themselves are sourced from all over the place but you’ll generally only find one or two of each design in the shop, and, pleasingly, it’s not as expensive as you might think for a small boutique like this. They do a good trade at this kind of year for things like wedding outfits and prom dresses, but there’s lots of gorgeous little bits and pieces that I reckon it’s well worth a visit no matter what the weather.

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to jewellery, and this was no exception, I loved some of the gorgeous trinkets on display – I’m only sad I don’t have more money to splash out on this kind of stuff more often. Still, it’s a great place to pop in for something small even if you’re a bit short of cash for a whole outfit.

Whenever I see a set of stairs in an arcade shop, I tend to dash up there pretty quick to try and get an aerial shot of the shop. But upstairs in this shop is something rather special. Linda told me that I had to check it out, and what I found was fascinating. Basically, the upstairs (which is sometimes used as a – giant – changing room if the main one is in use) has been left untouched for over 100 years. What does that leave you with, original peeling paint and what must make for a fantastic portrait backdrop. Indeed it seems lots of art students and photographers like to use the space for their work – I’ll be tempted to pop back one day myself for just such a purpose.

So next time you’re in town, probably shopping at St David’s, why not have a quick diversion to Seren, it’s pretty close to the Hayes entrance of the Morgan Arcade, you never know what special little find you might discover… enjoy the pics, as always, feedback, comments etc very much welcome.


3 thoughts on “Seren Boutique – fabulous clothes and a hidden gem upstairs…

  1. I went into the boutique this week, found it by accident, saw some beautiful quality clothes the owner is friendly.. such a shame many people tend to be like sheep and follow high street fashion .. this boutique is the place to go if you like your clothing to be stylish unique and different. Give it a try pop in what have you got to lose

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