Exhibition preparations: business cards and leaflets ordered!

Please excuse me a little self indulgent post right now… but I’ve finally ordered my business cards and leaflets to promote the project and accompany the upcoming exhibition at Big Little City.

If for some reason, you’d like a copy of the leaflet electronically, head on over to the press section of the website where you can download a copy. In the press section you’ll also find a selection of low-res photos for use on blogs/websites to promote the project.

I hope you like the leaflet design, look out for a real hard copy that you can hold in your hands very soon!

Oh and obviously, leaflets aren’t free to produce, so if you’d like to help out with this project financially, every contribution, no matter what size, is very well received. Find out more here.

Big thanks to Tomasz Ronda for helping me out with the design!


5 thoughts on “Exhibition preparations: business cards and leaflets ordered!

    • Thankyou Aga,

      After a mini crisis with them not being in CMYK colour, my friend reassures me that they will be alright (albeit maybe slightly less punchy) so now I am VERY anxious to see what happens with the final result…. could be a disaster!!


  1. All of appreciation should go to Amy, as its she who done the design 🙂 I just helped with structure of it to make the message a bit more clear and leaflet readable.

    looking forward to see them printed 🙂

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