Cardiff Arcades Project at Big Little City – few days to go…

Well there’s only a few days to go until the project is exhibited at Big Little City and the nerves are starting to kick in. Fortunately I think I’m pretty much all prepared and ready to go with almost all of my prints ready and a rough idea of what I want to do with my space (which I’m not sure how big or exactly where it’ll be yet just to add to the nerves!).

I picked up the bigger prints today from the wonderful Gallery 66 in the Royal Arcade, a shop I heartily recommend to anyone looking to get some prints or artwork made up – really friendly too!

You may have come across my leaflet in the city centre today as I distributed it to quite a few shops and places, if you’d like a bunch of them (I do have rather a lot) drop me a line and I’ll arrange for you to get some.

If you’re a member of the press you can come to the changeover day on Sunday (19th June) when all the artists will be taking down the old work and putting the new stuff up. I’m aiming to get there from pretty early on (10ish) so if you want to come and have a chat I’m pretty friendly so stop by!

Other than that there’s a launch night on Wednesday (22nd June) from 5pm-7pm which everyone is welcome to come along to.

Can’t wait to see you all there, see how the prints look on the wall and hear what people have to say! Have a look at some of the pictures below to see some of the preparations 🙂

Just a reminder: head on over to the press section of the website to download some resources to help you cover the project/exhibition for your publication.

One of the small sets of prints, featuring macro close-ups of watches from Jonathan David

The stacks of small prints, there's about 350 of them! Not sure how many will make it into the final exhibition....

The bigger prints, portraits in A4 and some of the architecture shots in A5

Box of leaflets which arrived this morning...

Beautiful Moo cards..... although it's incredibly hard to part with these!



2 thoughts on “Cardiff Arcades Project at Big Little City – few days to go…

  1. Hello Amy, just wanted you to know that I look at all your post and want to wish you all the best with the exhibition especially as you work so hard. I will definately go along to view it. All the best. Angela (venn tailoring)

    • Thanks Angela – I’ll be in touch soon, after this week things should be a bit less crazy!

      Feel free to come to the opening as well – Wednesday 22nd June, 5-7pm 🙂 Can’t wait to have a rest!

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