Spillers Saturday Sessions No. 11: Zervas and Pepper

Well this is a pretty short one. I’m full of excuses for you.

I turned up late as I was having a family lunch… and I was also entertaining a one-year-old (my nephew) on my lap while watching this. He loved it by the way.

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Spillers Saturday Sessions No.10: Sweet Baboo

I’ve not taken photographs at the last couple of Spillers Saturday sessions – last weekend I missed it, and the week before it just didn’t “feel” right for some reason – there were other photographers there taking lots of shots, and sometimes when that happens I feel like I’m probably one too many and shy away from the action. But happily, this week I managed to get a good spot near the front and got my confidence back to take a few of the great Sweet Baboo.

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Barker: from clothes to coffee – a mini department store in the Castle Arcade

It’s not all that often you see a clothing store combined with a coffee shop, except for perhaps the huge department stores like House of Fraser. But when you think about it, it does kind of make sense – tired from all that hard work trying on clothes and choosing an outfit… pop next door for a refreshing cup of tea and cake. And while you’re sitting down perhaps you’ll decide to get that top you thought was quite nice but weren’t sure of after all – savvy business thinking.

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