Puma Bluebirds pop-up shop in High Street Arcade

It’s always nice to see something taking up the empty shops, even if it is just a pop-up or an exhibition. In this case, the former Lunacy shop has been transformed into a pop-up for Puma, who are promoting their Cardiff exclusive Bluebirds merchandise.

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Pen & Paper: Colour and fantasy in the Royal Arcade

The title of this post perhaps isn’t obvious. Well, colour is – you only have to look at the rows and rows of beautiful pencils, oil pastels, inks and paints to see what I mean there [continues].

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Troutmark Books: Cardiff legend, haven for the written word and possibly the odd geek or two

Since starting this project some months ago, Troutmark Books was high, very high, on my to-do list. One of the stalwarts of the Castle Arcade, it has been present in the city far longer than I have and I’ve often found myself wandering around it on a wet afternoon looking for something to pique my interest.

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