Spillers Saturday Sessions No. 12: Christopher Rees

You’ve had to wait a while for the pictures from the final Spillers Saturday Session.

Perhaps I just couldn’t bring myself to finally admit that they were over. Sob.

After 12 weeks of wonderful live music in the heart of the city centre, the Spillers Saturday Sessions are no more. BUT! We’ll always have the fond memories of rocking up for our weekly 3pm appointment with some of Wales’ finest musical talent.

And what’s more it was all free? Woosh, what a treat it really was.

Before this turns into a nostalgiathon (seperate post of highlights coming up!), let’s move on to what happened in the last session.

Christopher Rees took to the stage for a pretty chilled out session. For the first time we even had chairs to sit on. Wowsers.

I have to say, taking pictures of Christopher was a joy. Of course I had the benefit of sitting at the front… but he’s just got such an expressive face when he sings that every picture that flashed on the screen seemed like a joy to behold.

I hope you like them too…


3 thoughts on “Spillers Saturday Sessions No. 12: Christopher Rees

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