Vintage Zizou: Beautiful, colourful, delicious clothes and jewellery in the Castle Arcade

It always thrills me to see a new shop opening up in the arcades, so full of hope and exciting spirit – and none possess this more so than the beautiful new vintage shop which can be found in the Castle Arcade.

Located directly opposite the increasingly popular Barker’s Cafe (which I photographed, here), and deliberately so, this is a shop that beckons you in as you sip on your delicious drinks from the venue opposite

Inside, you’ll find a hand picked collection of absolutely beautiful clothes, jewellery and other bits and pieces.

You’ll also find the rather lovely Anca, the owner of the shop. Previously working in hospitality, Anca told me that owning a shop had always been a dream and fashion and vintage was her passion.

And you can really tell, every piece seems to have been picked with so much love, cared for, and displayed with such perfection (Anca even tidied the displays as I was photographing to make sure they looked fabulous!).

The shop has only been existence for around two weeks, but already Anca tells me that it is doing well – indeed it was very busy on the day of my visit (though that may have been contributed to a little rugby game which I think was happening at the same time…).

With the sad closure of Looby Loo’s last year, it’s especially nice to see another great vintage shop returning to the arcades to add to the already fantastic Vintage Affair in the Morgan Arcade and Hobo’s in the High Street Arcade.

Rather cutely, Zizou is named for Anca’s daughter, or her ‘little monster’ as she called her, whose full name is Isabella. “Everything we do is for her,” she told me as my heart melted even further.

I really, really hope Anca has great success with Zizou, and with the great prices that I saw when I was photographed – Anca told me that she tries her best to stay reasonably priced, (I didn’t see anything for more than £20 while I was in there) – I can see this being a big hit with a wide range of customers… pop in and have a look next chance you get!

Anyway, now down to the real business – the photographs. I shot these with a Nikon D4 which I had the pleasure of borrowing for a little while…. I hope you enjoy them! If you do, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.


5 thoughts on “Vintage Zizou: Beautiful, colourful, delicious clothes and jewellery in the Castle Arcade

  1. I think this shop is going to do very well great clothes and Anca welcomes customers warmly and with a Huge smile. Unlike some shops these days that hardly find the time to put a smile ob their face.

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