Arcades Portraits: Lucy from Catapult Vinyl

Catapult was one of the first shops that I photographed for the project. Since then, Lucy the owner, and Simon, the manager have been incredibly supportive of the project and always been very enthusiastic about the work.

They’re always good to pop round and say hello to, and recently you may remember they moved premises just round the corner to the Duke Street Arcade.

However, a massive oversight has always been that I haven’t photographed the beautiful and wonderful Lucy for the project. That had to change, and so, when I had the pleasure of helping to review a Nikon D800, I jumped at the chance to shoot some portraits at the new shop.

The images below are a result of that shoot – I hope you like them, and more importantly, I hope Lucy does.

As always, comments, opinions, thoughts and so on are always welcome in the comments box below.


2 thoughts on “Arcades Portraits: Lucy from Catapult Vinyl

    • Thanks Harley, there’s lots of photos of the stock in the first two posts about Catapult. I’m sure if you gave them a call though they’d be able to help you with your query – or maybe visit the Catapult website?

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