Cardiff Arcades Project – the book

You may have noticed the frequency of the posts on this website are a lot slower than when it first started.

That’s obviously a natural consequence of progressing with work, but I’ve also been working on putting together a book of the project, and didn’t want to have *too* much to go into it (the first edition at least).

I’m getting closer to putting the finished book together, and while I’m mainly creating it for me, because I want to see all this work go into something tangible that I can put on my shelf forever, I’m also interested to know if there’s a market out there for the book to go on sale.

I’d therefore ask if you have a couple of seconds to spare if you could fill out the following survey so I can get an idea of whether there’s a demand, what  kind of price I could expect to command and so on.

Since I have no publisher (not that I have tried to find one!), I will be creating the book via Blurb for now. That unfortunately means that I can’t mass-produce cheap books… however if there was enough demand you can get a good discount on larger print runs. Also bear in mind that the price of this kind of books increases with the amount of pages you include – so I’m trying to be strict on how many pages each shop and arcade is allocated!

Since I get the feeling that this project will never truly be “finished” and there’s always new shops opening, and other shops closing down, another alternative would be to produce a new volume every so often, or even to produce a cheaper, magazine style publication.

Thanks for reading this, and please do pass on to anyone you might think is interested!


3 thoughts on “Cardiff Arcades Project – the book

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