Hubbard’s Cupboard: vintage fun in the High Street Arcade

It’s funny how much the High Street Arcade has changed since I first started doing this project.

Several shops have disappeared from this arcade, but happily, some more have appeared.

One of the new additions, opening just over a month ago is Hubbard’s Cupboard, another vintage shop new to the Cardiff shopping scene.

I photographed this beautiful shop and chatted to the owner, Sophie, who enthusiastically told me about her motivation behind opening the shop, making clothes and wedding dresses to sell and her hopes for the shop’s future.

This is a great spot for a vintage shop, being just round the corner from the famous Hobo’s and in the arcade opposite the newer Vintage Zizou in the Castle Arcade. Hubbard’s Cupboard occupies the shop which used to be Rouge last year, and opposite what used to be Looby Loo’s, so it’s nice to see another vintage shop in the same kind of area.

Sophie sits at the front of the shop making clothes to order, which includes wedding dresses. There’s also a variety of different wedding paraphernalia, such as photo booth props, cards and so on which can be found in the shop, so if you’re a bride (or groom) to be, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The rest of the stock in the shop is also quite a mixed bag, you’ll find vintage clothes, gifts and jewellery – some of which the multi-talented Sophie makes herself. One of the things I love about this shop is the vintage furniture which is dotted around the store keeping the stock in. A particular favourite is the cupboard at the back of the shop laden with teacups.

Throughout October, Hubbard’s Cupboard will be offering student discount to all the returning students, and Sophie hopes to put on a few different events in the shop. The first is a series of classic movie nights, where you can watch a golden oldie, have a glass of champagne and eat some popcorn on a Friday night – perfect for a pre-town warm-up. You can find out more if that sounds up your street by checking out the Hubbard’s Cupboard Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy this latest set as much as I enjoyed shooting it. I haven’t photographed too many shops this year as other areas of my life have become a bit busier, but it was really nice to get stuck in again with this one, and with a beautiful selection of goods it really was a treat.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts or suggestions, please do leave them in the box below, I love to read them.

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