Bill’s: Fresh food, kooky interiors and candles galore in the Wyndham Arcade

This is quite a monumental post for the Arcades Project in some ways, because it marks the first shop I’ve had the opportunity to photograph in the Wyndham Arcade.

For those that don’t know it, the Wyndham Arcade is near the Central Library and a little away from the others. It’s owned by the same people who own the Castle and High Street Arcades though.

Bill’s, a new restaurant/grocery store opened just a few weeks ago and I went along very early (well, 8am) one Wednesday to check it out when there wasn’t many other people about…

I’ve actually been to another Bill’s before, in Covent Garden, so I knew what to expect from the new store as all of the shops in the small chain share a very strong visual identity. Inside, you’ll find kooky decorations, cute tables and candlesticks galore.

It’s a pretty big offering in the arcade, taking up a large portion of the side nearest the library. You can buy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks. The menu has a slightly eclectic theme, offering a range of different types of cuisine all made with fresh ingredients.

I took lots of photographs in here, so I’ll let those do the majority of the talking. You can find out more about Bill’s at their website, along with details about how to book a table and so on.

I’d love to do more shops in the Wyndham Arcade, so if you can recommend me to anyone, please do feel free.

As always, any comments, suggestions, thoughts and opinions most welcome in the box below.

2 thoughts on “Bill’s: Fresh food, kooky interiors and candles galore in the Wyndham Arcade

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  2. Inspired by your photos of Bill’s I went there at lunch time today. Wanted to go to the grocery store to get some Christmas presents for the various grandchildre. Not easy as the restaurant was full (potential customers were being told to come back in half an hour), and you had to lean over a couple of diners to reach a jar of chutney or a packet of biscuits. But came out with just what I wanted.
    Was a little concerned as Bill’s is where Rebel Rebel used to be. I rely on Rebel Rebel for supplies for my shisha. Luckily Rebel Rebel have moved just down the Wyndham Arcade. Would love to see your photos of the inside of their shop. Please go there next.

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