Christmas in the Arcades: Vintage festivity in Hubbard’s Cupboard

In this second installment of Christmas specials, I take a look at Hubbard’s Cupboard.

I photographed the shop a few weeks ago, but at Christmas they’ve decided to go all out and the store is looking beautifully vintagely (is that a word?) festive.

You can pick up all kinds of treats and goodies in the shop, including lots of handmade decorations (I think my favourite are the birds and owls) and beautiful Christmas cards from local designers.

This year Hubbard’s Cupboard is also supporting local charity, Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice as part of the Handmade Christmas Campaign. Basically, many of the decorations sold in the shop will see proceeds go straight to the charity. You can donate your own decorations to be sold in the shop if you feel that way inclined, so if you have any spare leftover – pop them in, I’m sure they will be gratefully received!

I won’t write too many words for this post, since I’ve already covered the shop – head over to this post to read about it – but I hope you enjoy the pictures, and better yet, go and visit the shop in person for full effect!

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