Vom Fass: fascinating bottles, rainbow potions and exotic oils in the Royal Arcade

Although the majority of the shops and businesses featured in the project are independent outlets, I’ve always wanted to photograph the Vom Fass shop, part of a franchise, in the Royal Arcade.

Opening around two years ago, I instantly knew the gorgeous bottles of brightly coloured liquids and rows and rows of oils would make for some great shots. Hopefully you’ll agree with that.

Vom Fass sells quite a wide range of liqueurs  oils, and spirits, and is a great place to pick up a slightly unusual gift … better than bagging up a supermarket bottle of wine anyway. You can get all kinds of flavours here, and the friendly staff at the shop can help you find something you’ll really enjoy. There’s usually samples available as well, so you can be sure before you buy.

I met store manager Clare on the day that I photographed the shop – which was actually quite a while ago now. She has worked here since the shop opened and, just by chatting with her a few minutes, you can tell how passionate she is about customer service and making sure those in the shop get everything they need.

The original Vom Fass shop started in Germany, and now the franchise has stores across Europe, Japan, New Zealand and the US. Here in the UK, there are 15 different stores – though the nearest one from here is the Bath shop. There’s also little Welsh touches in the shop too, which is a nice personalised touch for the Cardiff branch.

Anyway… you can read more about the delights of what’s on offer over at the Vom Fass website… here you can enjoy the pictures instead.

As always, any comments, suggestions, thoughts and more are gratefully received in the comments box below.

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