Cardiff Arcades featured in Mollie Makes

There’s some exciting publishing news to share with you this month as the Cardiff Arcades have been featured rather wonderfully in the beautiful Mollie Makes magazine.

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Cover of Cardiff Life and inside spread!

It’s with mixed amounts of joy and weirdness that I find myself walking around Cardiff city centre and being confronted by own image adorning the cover of Cardiff Life this month!

It’s so exciting having a photo as a front cover, and I think the beautiful architecture of the Morgan Arcade really showcases just how gorgeous these arcades are.

Inside the mag you’ll find a big spread, with a feature about me and the project written by Jennifer Geddes, and pictures from some of my favourite shoots, including Folk Farm, New York Deli, Looby Loo’s, Spillers, Catapult, Jonathan David and more.

Pick up a copy in lots of places, but there’s lots to be found in the arcades themselves.

I’m off to find a suitable frame for that lovely cover….  🙂

Cardiff Arcades Project at Big Little City – few days to go…

Well there’s only a few days to go until the project is exhibited at Big Little City and the nerves are starting to kick in. Fortunately I think I’m pretty much all prepared and ready to go with almost all of my prints ready and a rough idea of what I want to do with my space (which I’m not sure how big or exactly where it’ll be yet just to add to the nerves!).

I picked up the bigger prints today from the wonderful Gallery 66 in the Royal Arcade, a shop I heartily recommend to anyone looking to get some prints or artwork made up – really friendly too!

You may have come across my leaflet in the city centre today as I distributed it to quite a few shops and places, if you’d like a bunch of them (I do have rather a lot) drop me a line and I’ll arrange for you to get some.

If you’re a member of the press you can come to the changeover day on Sunday (19th June) when all the artists will be taking down the old work and putting the new stuff up. I’m aiming to get there from pretty early on (10ish) so if you want to come and have a chat I’m pretty friendly so stop by!

Other than that there’s a launch night on Wednesday (22nd June) from 5pm-7pm which everyone is welcome to come along to.

Can’t wait to see you all there, see how the prints look on the wall and hear what people have to say! Have a look at some of the pictures below to see some of the preparations 🙂

Just a reminder: head on over to the press section of the website to download some resources to help you cover the project/exhibition for your publication.

One of the small sets of prints, featuring macro close-ups of watches from Jonathan David

The stacks of small prints, there's about 350 of them! Not sure how many will make it into the final exhibition....

The bigger prints, portraits in A4 and some of the architecture shots in A5

Box of leaflets which arrived this morning...

Beautiful Moo cards..... although it's incredibly hard to part with these!


Exhibition preparations: business cards and leaflets ordered!

Please excuse me a little self indulgent post right now… but I’ve finally ordered my business cards and leaflets to promote the project and accompany the upcoming exhibition at Big Little City.

If for some reason, you’d like a copy of the leaflet electronically, head on over to the press section of the website where you can download a copy. In the press section you’ll also find a selection of low-res photos for use on blogs/websites to promote the project.

I hope you like the leaflet design, look out for a real hard copy that you can hold in your hands very soon!

Oh and obviously, leaflets aren’t free to produce, so if you’d like to help out with this project financially, every contribution, no matter what size, is very well received. Find out more here.

Big thanks to Tomasz Ronda for helping me out with the design!

Cardiff Arcades Project in Cross Stitcher Magazine!

If only I could go back in time to my early teenage years and tell the dorky girl that one day her project would be featured in Cross Stitcher. She’d probably do a little squeal with excitement, before casting a disbelieving glare.

But it would be true because this month, the premiere mag for all things crafty and cross-stitchy has been kind enough to highlight the arcades project, in particular the wonderful Claire Grove Buttons.

I’m always incredibly grateful when I receive press attention for the project, as it helps boost its profile, as well as highlighting to new audiences the fantastic arcades themselves. Here’s hoping the nation’s crafters will be winging their way over to Claire Grove for a slice of button action!

This issue of Cross Stitcher will be on sale from June 14th in all good newsagents, check out the Cross Stitcher website (part of the ever fabulous Making Spot network) for more information.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss press coverage (or anything else for that matter!)

Cardiff Arcades Project featured on Radio Cardiff

This morning, I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and get myself over to Radio Cardiff in time to be a guest on the breakfast show at 8.30am.

I for one was not even aware that 8.30 existed on a Saturday morning so it was quite a shock to find myself sitting in a radio station and talking about the project.

It was great fun, well worth the early morning and presenter Jeremy Rees was great to chat to, so a big thankyou to him for inviting me on the show and asking great questions.

The good news for all your sleeplovers is that the interview has been turned into a podcast in lightning quick speed by Jeremy, which you can access in the following link, or download via iTunes.

Cardiff Arcades Project on RadioCardiff podcast.


Cardiff Arcades Project featured on The Making Spot!

It’s always fantastic news when a publication wants to feature the project, so I was thrilled when The Making Spot contacted me about my recent post on Claire Grove Buttons.

The Making Spot is the website for Future’s range of marvellous crafting gems such as Mollie Makes and Cross Stitcher (update: I’ve now also been featured in Cross Stitcher).

It’s obvious that Claire Grove is a crafter’s paradise, so hopefully with the news spreading across the web, more people from across the UK will be swarming to the arcade to check it out.

Read the Claire Grove Buttons on the Making Spot for more information.

Arcades Project featured on Inspiring Cardiff

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Gwion Thorpe, who, for some strange reason has decided that I’m the kind of person he’d like to feature on his new website, Inspiring Cardiff.

We spent a couple of hours waxing lyrical in (where else) The New York Deli and then Gwion managed to take some photos of me that weren’t horrendous – a miracle it has to be said.

Gwion is hoping to meet some more people in and around Cardiff who are doing inspiring things, so if you’re a creative bod, business bod, general person of interest bod, then do get in touch with him – I’m sure he’d love to meet you.

For now, you can read the post about me, which, even if I do say so myself is rather lovely.


Cardiff Arcades Project on S4C

Yesterday I got a little touch of fame as the project appeared on Welsh TV channel S4C on their Wedi 7 programme.

The show, a bit like the One Show but for Wales, is a daily magazine show of things going on in Wales. The segment I was in focused on in the arcades and my project got a very kindly mention.

Very exciting and surreal – especially as a non-Welsh speaker!

You can watch the entire episode of Wedi 7 on demand – follow this link: Cardiff Arcades project on Wedi 7, S4C. . The arcades bit starts at around 14 minutes 30 and click on the “owl” symbol to the right to turn on English subtitles.

If you watch the whole segment you’ll also see the owners of Spillers Records and Michelle from Garland’s and Rules of Play, as well as references to the New York Deli.

Thankyou to Nia from S4C for sorting this all out!

Guest post on We Are Cardiff

I was asked to write a piece for the excellent storytelling website We Are Cardiff before I even had the idea to do an arcades project. The project is part of local arts group hack/flash and showcases stories from the people of Cardiff along with a super photograph.

I had my photograph taken by the excellent Adam Chard before the notion even entered my head.

What you are looking at in that photograph is probably a different person. I’ve met so many fantastic people, done so many things and had an unbelievable time in just a few short weeks. The words for the post were written just after I’d embarked on the project, I was yet to meet many of those people, yet to be overwhelmed by the positive response I have received so far.

Long may that continue.

Click the picture to read more of my story, you can find out why I love Cardiff, why I came here in the first place, and why I’m sure I’ll be sticking around for a long while yet.