Are you a shopkeeper that would like to be involved in the Cardiff Arcades Project or just somebody that wants to find out more?

Contact me at hello[at] or follow me on Twitter, @amydavies

To find out more information about me, please visit my personal website.

If you’re looking to use a picture for your website/blog/magazine, please see the press page for more details and the download area.

Whatever the reason, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

20 thoughts on “Contact

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  3. Hello,

    I’ve just noticed your notice about copyright and I had to contact you to apologize for using a few of your photographs on my blog without realising. I have now taken these down as I felt absolutely mortified that I might cause offence. I linked each picture to the project so I have not in anyway claimed your work as my own. I did not want you to think I meant to steal your work as I’m a great admirer of your project.

    • Hi Alice,

      Thanks for getting in touch – I put the copyright notice there just to ask people not to steal images, but if you ask then 99% of the time I will say yes so long as there is a link back. That’s why I put my contact details on the site – plus it’s always nice to know where exactly my images are being used.

      Please do feel free to use a couple of images in your blog if you are linking them back to the project though, the more people that know about it the better 🙂

      Best wishes,


  4. Hi Amy,
    The site is looking good. Some great articles & nice to see some positive press about the arcades.

    If you want to do anything with regards our plce feel free to pop down. I am in the cafe Mon, Tues, Wed am, Fri & Sat.



    • Hi JP!

      Thanks, I hope you like the changes I have made to the site, I think they make it easier to navigate.

      I keep meaning to pop into your shop but with working in Bath during the week it’s been a bit of a nightmare lately …. but I have 11 days off over Easter (wahoo) so will definitely pop in then if not before 🙂

      Best wishes,


  5. I love your photos and every one brings back fond memories of my university days in Cardiff wandering through the arcades. A friend of mine (often my university arcade wandering partner!) has recently got married. He still lives in Cardiff and I’m sure he, and his new wife, would love the photos you’ve produced. I was wondering if there would be any chance of getting prints of a few of them to frame as a wedding present. You would, of course, get full credit and payment. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Helen x

      • Any more thoughts on the photos? Would still be really interested. Don’t worry if it’s something you don’t want to do won’t mind in the least, will just continue to enjoy checking in to look at your new photos x

  6. Hello,

    I work for Coca Cola and I look after the Cardiff City Cenrte.One of my accounts Prices Sweet Shop has had an article done by yourself. I love it and think that what your doing is much needed in the community and hopefully helps people realise what they are missing out on.I have several accounts around the city that would really get a boost by having an article done like this.Do you do write ups about other shops around the city or only the ones in the arcades?I take a keen interest in any help I can give the shop owners I work in and this is just fabulous.
    I look forward to hopefully speaking with you in the future.
    Kind regards,

  7. Hi Amy, I was just reading your piece on the welovecardiff website and saw your mention on Jacobs Market. I have just opened a stall there, having always loved the old building and atmosphere and having a deep rooted love for old clothes. Sadly people don’t seem to know where on earth it is and having no internet presence itself I am trying to cobble together some inspiration in order to create a webpage and blog to try and get it on the internet. I was wondering if you had any tips/advice seeing as the arcades project is going so awfully well.
    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you
    Blod x

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  10. Hi, I would like to know if you have any foods from Ghana in your shop please. Maybe Fufu or other items. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks

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  12. Have been enjoying your Cardiff Arcade documentation since the Folk Farm feature (nice to see Claire’s Button Shop also featured by the way). You mentioned Wyndham Arcade being an overlooked arcade (Sevini’s is a treasure), but how about the most overlooked ‘lost’ arcade – Dominion’s Arcade opposite the Queen Street entrance of Boots. Not a lot of interest maybe – apart from Swirls a rather colourful new cup cake shop and a defiante relic of a classic key store and it was constructed in the 20s. It has occured to me that the ‘smokers club’ (escaping from nearby offices) that congregate at the entrance could be an intersting social feature. Another Cardiff Arcade treasure not to be missed is Buzz she shop that has been going for years, and the owner is INTERESTING.

  13. hi amy im the deputy manager of the cardiff oxfam boutique and was wondering whether we could get involved get back to me or call in the shop if you have time im only part time but i work friday pm and saturdays orr if its easier the shop number is 029 20220736

  14. love this project , but would love to know some tech details, and how much is shot natural light (looks like all of it to me) and how much you use a flash
    great work

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