Spillers Saturday Sessions: The Highlights

So it’s been a few weeks since the Spillers Saturday Sessions ended, and what a summer it was!

Every Saturday, folk gathered in the Big Little City exhibition to celebrate some of the finest music Wales has to offer from one of its beloved institutions, Spillers Records.

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Spillers Saturday Sessions No.6: Martyn Joseph

I don’t think I’ve seen Big Little City quite so packed as for today’s performance by Martyn Joseph. Roars of applause and cheering rippled through the weird acoustics of the exhibition space as once again people sat down, stood up and gathered around to enjoy another free performance courtesy of the Spillers Saturday Sessions.

As always, I won’t bother with too many words. Just enjoy the pictures.

And find out more about Martyn on the Martyn Joseph website. And obviously, you can buy his albums at Spillers.

Oh and we’re now officially halfway through the Spillers Saturday Sessions run… unbelievable!