Cardiff Arcades Project on S4C

Yesterday I got a little touch of fame as the project appeared on Welsh TV channel S4C on their Wedi 7 programme.

The show, a bit like the One Show but for Wales, is a daily magazine show of things going on in Wales. The segment I was in focused on in the arcades and my project got a very kindly mention.

Very exciting and surreal – especially as a non-Welsh speaker!

You can watch the entire episode of Wedi 7 on demand – follow this link: Cardiff Arcades project on Wedi 7, S4C. . The arcades bit starts at around 14 minutes 30 and click on the “owl” symbol to the right to turn on English subtitles.

If you watch the whole segment you’ll also see the owners of Spillers Records and Michelle from Garland’s and Rules of Play, as well as references to the New York Deli.

Thankyou to Nia from S4C for sorting this all out!