Vom Fass: fascinating bottles, rainbow potions and exotic oils in the Royal Arcade

Although the majority of the shops and businesses featured in the project are independent outlets, I’ve always wanted to photograph the Vom Fass shop, part of a franchise, in the Royal Arcade.

Opening around two years ago, I instantly knew the gorgeous bottles of brightly coloured liquids and rows and rows of oils would make for some great shots. Hopefully you’ll agree with that.

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Christmas in the Arcades: Magical lights in the Castle and Morgan Quarter

For many people, Christmas means presents, turkeys, Father Christmas and maybe even Jesus. For me, my favourite part has always been the lights. And maybe Mariah Carey’s all-time best song (no, not Dream Lover).

This year, the Arcades are looking as gorgeous as ever, with an array of lights to really heighten the festive cheer of the shoppers inside. I think the Morgan and Royal Arcades have really gone all out this year, and a visit to Cardiff this December wouldn’t be complete without a wander through the arcades to check them out.

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Christmas in the Arcades: Royal Christmas Emporium pop-up shop

In the first of a series of Christmas in the Arcades specials that I’ve decided to publish this year, I bring you some pictures from a new pop-up shop in the Royal Arcade.

It’s run by the lovely folk at the wonderful Pen and Paper shop which is more or less opposite the Royal Christmas Emporium.

Inside you’ll find a real grotto (see what I did there), of Christmas delights that wouldn’t look out-of-place in Santa’s very own abode.

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Sealed with a Loving Kiss: Naughty but nice in the Royal Arcade

I’ve photographed the premises of Sealed with a Loving Kiss (SWALK) before, when it was the vintage area of Joie de Vivre.

While the downstairs of the shop remains the same, upstairs you’ll now find something a little different, in the shape of the wonderful little independent lingerie boutique, SWALK.

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Cardiff Arcades from a totally different perspective…

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of borrowing a Nikon D4 and an 8mm fisheye lens.

What better subject for such a combination than the beautiful arcade architecture?

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Joie de Vivre: Beautiful bits and bobs in the Royal Arcade

It’s actually been quite a while since I strolled into the beautiful shop that is Joie de Vivre in the Royal Arcade. I’d first noticed the shop back in April when it was still a work in progress. Gazing through the windows as the shop took shape, I knew it would be a place that I’d want to photograph as soon as possible.

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Saswa: Gorgeous gifts, jewellery and something a little bit special in the Royal Arcade

I popped into the gorgeous little Saswa shop in the Royal Arcade last week to have a chat with one of the owners, Liam, and to drool over the beautiful jewellery on display… and I suppose to take a few snaps too while I was at it.

Liam is a bit of an arcade veteran, having worked in it for over 15 years. Starting off in Cameraland just a couple of doors away, he joined Saswa a few years ago. The shop was set up in 2001 by Yashira, who gives it her name. Well sort of, it comes from her little brother being unable to say her name properly.

The shop originally sold hippy type stuff but the owners found it wasn’t really working for them and changed to the gift/jewellery/general niceness route after a little while. Today the shop stocks great worldwide and local brands while also sourcing unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Next time you’re looking for a little trinket or two for a present (or for yourself!) I’d advise you to pop in, there’s a great selection and I’ll certainly be heading there when I want something a little bit unusual (necklaces with real flowers in anyone?).

Before I ramble on too much, make sure you check out the Saswa website to find more information about the shop and its stock and enjoy the pictures below, and there’s a few more over at this Flickr set. As always, comments, feedback and suggestions very much welcome.

Wide angle deliciousness from the Royal and Morgan Arcade.

One of my absolute tip-top favourite things about the arcades is the stunning architecture. When you look up something magical happens. It’s a real wow moment, and I still get it even after seeing them probably thousands of times. I took some photos in the Morgan Arcade a few months back when it was dark. They were pretty good, but when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, a whole other dimension comes alive.

Just gorgeous.

I don’t need many words to introduce this post. Just enjoy the photos.

Feedback welcome!

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