Forbesfield Flowers: Beauty, colour and quirk in the Castle Arcade

Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of photographing the absolutely gorgeous Forbesfield Flowers, a beautiful florist in the Castle Arcade.

Anybody who reads this blog with any kind of regularity will know how infrequently I’m able to get my act together and post photos within a few photos of the shutter being released. However, Forbesfield, in its current incarnation, will cease to be in a short while, so I thought I better hurry it along so you can see it while it’s still around.

I met the lovely owner Beth at the shop, who explained all about her passion for flowers, and her future plans for moving the business from its current shop base, to a studio environment in the balcony upstairs. I will revisit Forbesfield once it’s moved – but I’d highly recommend a mooch around the shop while it exists. Not only if you’re on the lookout for some flowers (though if you are there’s some gorgeous and unusual specimens to be found here), but if you’re into all things vintage and unusual – think old typewriters, vintage ice skates and battered old boxes.


Beth, like many of the arcade business owners, hasn’t always been in this line of work. She has, however, always wanted to be a florist. After an unfulfilling career in finance, she decided to quit her job and do a course in horticulture for a couple of years. From there, she worked in other florists (and even got made redundant) before deciding to open her own business with her partner.

Originally located in Pontyclun, the temporary shop in the Castle Arcade opened up around Christmas time, with a contract extended to cover the busiest flower giving periods of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. The two shops were kept for a while, but eventually, all of the business moved to the Castle Arcade.

Now, however, Beth thinks that a studio setting is more appropriate as the majority of her work is for weddings and other occasions. This will give her the focus to work on providing that service, rather than having to man a shop at all times.

I also learned a new fun fact while I was chatting to Beth – apparently, Amsterdam is the centre of the world when it comes to floristry. Of course, I knew of the Dutch pendant for tulips, but I hadn’t quite realised it extended to the whole floral world. As such, much of the stock in the shop comes from there – with the odd British bloom, such as daffodils, making an appearance.

So there we have it – a beautiful, kooky little shop which you can visit for just a couple more weeks. Hope you enjoy the photos, and as ever, any thoughts, comments and suggests are most welcome in the box below.

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2 thoughts on “Forbesfield Flowers: Beauty, colour and quirk in the Castle Arcade

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  2. I have not been into any of the Arcades for a long time due to Illness’ the Arcade I have always enjoyed is the Morgan Arcade. Spillers Records (The Oldest Record Shop In The World) is know part of the Arcade’ since moving from their original shop on the Hayes’ the new location in the Arcade has seen Spillers becoming the place to buy the very best in Vinyl’ CD and a lot, lot more.
    I shall be making my way to Spillers very soon’ the new shop has maintained the same feel as the old shop in the Hayes and that is due to all the staff pulling together to bring the best in every item they have in the shop.
    For the Vinyl Heads and I’m one of them’ in the upper part of the new shop’ one can find a large number of the best in vinyl albums.
    Keep on Rockin Spillers’
    See you all Soon

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