Christmas in the Arcades: Royal Christmas Emporium pop-up shop

In the first of a series of Christmas in the Arcades specials that I’ve decided to publish this year, I bring you some pictures from a new pop-up shop in the Royal Arcade.

It’s run by the lovely folk at the wonderful Pen and Paper shop which is more or less opposite the Royal Christmas Emporium.

Inside you’ll find a real grotto (see what I did there), of Christmas delights that wouldn’t look out-of-place in Santa’s very own abode.

I particularly love the different colour sections that the decorations are sorted into – I’m a sucker for the more unusual colours, such as blue, pink and lime green, rather than the traditional bright reds, golds and deep greens (though you will of course find those here too).

If you take a trip upstairs you’ll find the tree section, which when you’re standing in the middle of it is a bit like standing in a miniature Christmas forest.

The Christmas Emporium… as you can imagine… is only open until the end of the festive season so you’ll need to be quick if you want to go along and see it for yourself. I’d highly recommend popping along and then maybe visiting Pen and Paper afterwards to stock up on your Christmas craft and stationery supplies (I’m a craft geek so maybe it’s just me who does this…).

Look out for more Christmas themed arcades posts coming very soon!  Any comments, suggestions, thoughts and other missives welcome in the box below as always.

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